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Prologue Kongo sacred sculptures called minkisi (sing.ng>nkising>) are among the most powerful and refined of all Sub-Saharan art forms, and rank among the iconic genres of African art. The most imposing category of minkisi are those which bear an accumulation of inserted nails and metal objects, remnants of their ritual use. In the west these have been called fétiches à clous or nail ng>powerng> ...

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n class="news_dt">Feb 25, 2014n> · mma_ng>power_figure_nkising>_nkondi_mangaaka_320053 Medium Wood, paint, metal, resin, ceramic Provenance Private collection, Germany, until 1953, [Lore Kegel-Konietzkos, Hamburg, Germany, 1953–1980], [by descent, Boris Kegel-Konietzkos, Hamburg, Germany, until 2008], [Entwistle Gallery, London, as agent] Scanner Internet Archive Python library 0.5 ...

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The gesture of nailing pieces of canvas into the image is inspired by the Congolese tradition of ng>Nkisi powerng> objects, and is symbolic of both faith and ng>powerng> in the object itself. ... ,” 1797, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas; (4) ng>Power Figure (Nkisi N'Konding>: Mangaaka), 19th …

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Description. ng>Nkising>, also referred to as nkishi (pl. minkisi / mankishi / zinkisi) is the general name for an object (wooden figures, clay pots, gourds or bundles) containing an empowering spirit(s).An object only becomes an ng>nkising> when it is filled with medicines (bilongo) and a spirit resides within the object.The spirits residing in minkisi can include ancestors (bakulu), local spirits ...

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This rare and beautiful mid to late nineteenth century ng>Power Figure (Nkisi N'Konding>: Mangaaka), originates from the Kongo peoples - Democratic Republic of the Congo, and is called ng>Nkising> (means medicine). The figures were used as sacred medicines and divine protection to ward off danger and to protect the health, Sacred medicines and divine protection. Made of 100% Wood, Paint, Metal, Cloth ...

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n class="news_dt">Jan 31, 2020n> · Gallery conservators conducted a technical examination of a Power Figure (Nkisi Nkondi), a masterpiece of the museum’s collection. Made in the 19th to the early 20th century and attributed to the Yombe group of the Kongo peoples of West Central Africa, the work was carved by a professional sculptor as a container for bilongo , medicines composed of a secret combination of animal, plant, and

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n class="news_dt">Nov 02, 2015n> · Dr. David Riep. AP Art history workshop September 2, 2015. African Art.



n class="news_dt">Dec 18, 2016n> · Nkondi (plural varies minkondi, zinkondi, or ninkondi) are religious idols made by the Kongo people of the Congo region. Nkondi are a subclass of minkisi that are considered aggressive. The name nkondi derives from the verb -konda, meaning "to hunt" and thus nkondi means "hunter" because they can hunt down and attack wrong-doers, witches, or…

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A nkisi nkondi is a specific type of power figure in which the spirit was activated by hammering a nail into the figure. At the request of a victim of theft, for instance, a nail would be driven into the wooden figure, and the nkisi-nkondi would punish the thief.

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Apr 16, 2018 - Explore mwirvin's board "ng>Nkising>" on ng>Pinterestng>. See more ideas about African art, Tribal art and African sculptures.

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ng>Nkisi nng>’ng>konding> (ng>Power figureng>) Late 19th century CE. Wood and metal. ng>Kongong> Peoples. Democratic Republic of the Congo. Form: Serves as a ng>power figureng> (a magical form seemingly carved in the likeness...

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Nkisi Mangaaka power figure in Manchester Museum Minkisi and the afflictions associated with them are generally classified into two types; the "of the above" and the "of the below". The above minkisi are associated with the sky, rain, and thunderstorms. The below minkisi are …

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ng>Nkisi nng>’ng>konding> (ng>power figureng>) Kongo people, Congo basin; late 19th century; wood and metal; Kongo Culture. role of the diviner links the supernatural and human worlds; uses ng>nkising> (container, pl. minkisi) to harness spirit forces for good luck and protection; a “nganga” …

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ng>Power Figure (Nkisi N'konding>), 20th century Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of Congo Wood, metal blades and nails, cord, resin, feathers, leather, textile, and glass

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An ng>nkising> nkondi serves as a container for potent ingredients used in magic and medicine, and in judicial and healing contexts. To make an ng>nkising> nkondi, a carver begins by sculpting a human or animal ng>figureng> with a cavity in the abdomen; then a ritual expert completes the work by placing ingredients with supernatural powers on the object and in the cavity provided.

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The Recently Acquired Kongo Mangaaka ng>Power Figureng> Created Date: 20161103141846Z ...

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ng>Nkising> Nkondi ng>Power figure (Nkisi nkonding>), Kongo peoples (Democratic Republic of the Congo). c. late 19th century, wood and metal, 36 x 18 1/2 x 14 1/4" / 16/8 x 47 x 36.2 cm (Detroit Institute of Arts) Divine protection Sacred medicines and divine protection are central to the belief of the BaKongo peoples (Democratic Republic of Congo).

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ng>Power Figure:ng> Male ng>(Nkising>) (Kongo peoples), 19th-mid 20th century, Kongo peoples, wood, pigment, nails, cloth, beads, shells, arrows, leather, nuts and twine, 58.8 x 26 x 25.4 cm (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) Speakers: Dr. Peri Klemm and Dr. Beth Harris

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This ng>figureng> was acquired by the museum in 1924 and collected some time before along the Angolan coast. Carved in wood often in the shape of a human ng>figureng>, the ng>nkising> was a central element of Kongo religion. ng>Nkising> is a receptacle of powerful forces from the otherworld that were invoked by a ritual specialist (nganga) to protect individuals and communities, to punish enemies and evil doers and ...

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ng>Nkising> or Nkishi (plural varies: minkisi, zinkisi, or ng>nkising>) are spirits, or an object that a spirit inhabits. It is frequently applied to a variety of objects used throughout the Congo Basin in Central Africa that are believed to contain spiritual powers or spirits. The term and its concept have passed with the Atlantic slave trade to the Americas.

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n class="news_dt">Oct 11, 2017n> · ng>Power figure (Nkisi n' konding>). Kongo Peoples (Democratic Republic of the Congo). c late 19th Century C.E. Wood and metal. Context -From Kongo/Congo-Each figures is Activated differently; Every time the owner inserts a blade or nail- you are prodding the spirit to do the work. -Specific chants, rubbing the images, or applying special powders ...

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Sacred medicines and divine protection are central to the belief of the BaKongo peoples (Democratic Republic of Congo). The BaKongo believe that the great god, Ne Kongo, brought the first sacred medicine (or nkisi) down from heaven in an earthenware vessel set upon three stones or termite mounds.A nkisi (plural: minkisi) is loosely translated a ‘spirit’ yet it is represented as a container of sacred substances which are activated by supernatural forces that can be summoned into the physical w...

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All minkisi (sing.ng>nkising>) are containers for consecrated substances, or "medicine," that empower them to protect, heal, or destroy.Each ng>figureng> has a special name, a specific function, and a ritual to activate it. This one belongs to a class of minkisi called mikondi (sing.nkondi), a reference to a wooden sculpture that is stuck with nails or blades.Its name, Mangaaka, means "one who strikes ...

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ng>Nkisi NKonding> means “hunting spirit,” and its job in the community is to be an enforcer–enforcing laws and treaties, sealing vows/promises, and getting rid of evil. The students who felt like they were a teacher getting onto their students were right!



Mangaaka ng>Power Figure (Nkisi N'Konding>) [Democratic Republic of Congo or Angola, Chiloango River Region; Kongo] (2008.30) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art CazWolin Arte Tribal Tribal Art African Masks African Art Mask Face …

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The term ng>nkising> refers to spirit-invested objects that were empowered with medicinal and magical ingredients called bilongo.In the case of this male ng>figureng>, the bilongo are enclosed in the cap on the head and in the mirror-sealed resin packet on the abdomen. The name nkondi refers to the ng>figureng>’s ability to hunt down and punish wrongdoers. A nail or a blade was driven into the ng>figureng> to ...